• Technology is not about breakthroughs

    Technology is not about breakthroughs
    Alysha Naples

  • Pause has done wonders to me and opened me up to so much

    Pause has done wonders to me and opened me up to so much
    Rebecca Rusinovic

  • Had an amazing time at Pause

    Had an amazing time at Pause
    Cat Hayes

#Pause2018: Journey = Destination

Watch out for announcements below. 

Meet the Pause 2018 Programmers

We have carefully crafted Pause 2018 Programming team with an absolute eco-system champions to start preparing you for the 10th Anniversary of Pause in 2020 - NOW. The team consists of dynamic multi-talented industry veterans deeply...

  • Isobar

    Dive into self-drive with the lowdown on autonomous car technology

  • Bec Brideson

    Women are the fastest emerging economy – more than India and China put together twice over. Brideson cracks open what...

  • EM Advisory

    A short introduction into EM Advisory's portfolio and how they can help your business scale or IPO like a champ.

  • Google

    A look inside Google’s ZOO and how teams are experimenting with collaboration, creativity and technology.

  • Startup Week/end

    Find out just how easy it can be to build a startup in today’s economic climate, as Andrew Hyde tells all about the...

  • AKQA /UK

    The most innovative and enduring teams combine five characteristics for success and constant contribution. Find out...

  • Castor & Pollux

    Encouraging an industry that has been nearly completely democratised to think more laterally and move towards the...

  • Dropbox

    In this talk you will learn how Dropbox, one of the iconic cloud companies, innovate internally and how they build a...

  • Rome2rio

    Forget being a unicorn, sustainable startups are cockroaches. Michael Cameron of Rome2rio presents his lessons.


Intro to 3D scanning and sculpting

Get to grips with 3D scanning and sculpting and learn how to output a mesh that could be used to 3D print, in a...


Start Up Law

A legal 101 from the industry’s most prolific lawyers uncovers the most common regulatory issues faced by startup...

Upcoming Events

Smart Cities Collaboration

10 February 2017
ACMI Cube Stage, Fed Square, Melbourne

Signal-Void by Substance

Signal/Void is a darker perspective on the networks we belong to and take part in every day: some voluntary, some...



Put simply, Plattar is the world’s simplest augmented reality creator.   An AR and MR enablement platform, it allows brands to easily and affordably build, manage and deploy their own AR apps and experiences, giving agencies the...


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I think Pause is great because it’s sparking those conversations, it’s putting people in a context that they wouldn’t normally be in. – Taryn Williams, Wink Models