Make ideas happen: Creativity is an experience that needs to live beyond a brief. At the intersection of creative and technology, creatives are redefining the process and how ideas become tangible.

Develop successful products: Without creativity or business, technology is for the sake of technology. But with every exciting step forward, there are new consequences, risks and endless opportunities.

Master disruption: Moments of change can define a business. Digital disruption is both a threat and an opportunity and innovation is no longer optional. But how can the old and new exist in harmony?

“Progressive community event with collaboration at its heart!”

- Guardian Australia

“The chance to explore technology, society and the future with the best digital thinkers.”

- Deloitte Digital

“It's like SXSW, Ted talks and Burning Man all in one.”

- Spondo
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Satellite Events

Rub shoulders and let your hair down at the Pause satellite events. From parties to expos, workshops to bar crawls, this is when Pause comes to play.

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Epic Closing PartyDJ's, Artists & Live Bands

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These events put the Fest in Pause Fest. It's where talks walk the walk and you can physically experience technology in action. Or as House of Pain says, simply 'Get out your seats and jump around'.


Partners//Pause is only possibly thanks to generous support from these progressive organisations