• Technology is not about breakthroughs

    Technology is not about breakthroughs
    Alysha Naples

  • Pause has done wonders to me and opened me up to so much

    Pause has done wonders to me and opened me up to so much
    Rebecca Rusinovic

  • Had an amazing time at Pause

    Had an amazing time at Pause
    Cat Hayes

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A Pause 2017 Success Story

Full of Content is a bold new agency model that aims to disrupt the paradigm of traditional agencies and caters to startups by offering a simple way to access essential creative services. The conceptual business is now launched and...

  • Melbourne Angels

    A short introduction into Melbourne Angels investment portfolio, it's successful startups and what do you need to know...

  • PUSH Collective

    Trump's election and Brexit signal the beginning of an era dominated by mistrust, conflict and widespread...

  • AKQA /UK

    The most innovative and enduring teams combine five characteristics for success and constant contribution. Find out...

  • The Mill /LA

    Get ready for a close up of BLACKBIRD – the first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars. 

  • TANK

    Hear how TANK has challenged the notion of design-based business to develop relevant, meaningful customer experiences...

  • Castor & Pollux

    Encouraging an industry that has been nearly completely democratised to think more laterally and move towards the...

  • Ex Magic Leap /USA

    Reimagine the way that digital information is present in our lives, as recent breakthroughs in VR and AR allow digital...

  • Etsy /USA

    Get answers to burning questions about building products globally, successfully and for culturally diverse users.

  • Carthona Capital

    A short introduction into Carthona's investment portfolio, it's successful startups and what do you need to know...


Technology Tarot with ABC R+D

Be introduced to five key megatrends set to impact the way digital media is experienced in the 2020s, before putting...


Life in the Infosphere: Hypernudges, Blackboxes… and you

We are so immersed in an information universe – an ‘Infosphere’ – that we are largely unaware that we inhabit...

Upcoming Events

Smart Cities Collaboration

10 February 2017
ACMI Cube Stage, Fed Square, Melbourne

Signal-Void by Substance

Signal/Void is a darker perspective on the networks we belong to and take part in every day: some voluntary, some...



Put simply, Plattar is the world’s simplest augmented reality creator.   An AR and MR enablement platform, it allows brands to easily and affordably build, manage and deploy their own AR apps and experiences, giving agencies the...


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I think Pause is great because it’s sparking those conversations, it’s putting people in a context that they wouldn’t normally be in. – Taryn Williams, Wink Models