The Creator tickets are for the young, often tech-driven companies and startups that are looking to commercialise their ideas or rapid growth with scalable business models. We accept applications on a case-by-case basis.

You can apply to participate in the Demo Booth, Pause Startup Pitch Comp and to attend Founders Night party.

Ultimately, we want you and your idea to get to the next level, create a positive impact, and conquer the world! This is one way you can get tremendous traction to keep you moving forward.

Creator Ticket - APPLY NOW


We are on a mission to inspire passionate collisions between future builders from diverse fields and industries, all in the name of innovation.

Pause Fest 2020 is where you will find yourself, then, lose yourself. And you emerge reset as you gain a priceless new network of mentors who will help you build that moonshot idea into a real business.

Your Creator ticket will get you an all-access to 2,000 future builders from all over the world with more than 200 speakers and over 30 international thought leaders, top multinationals, scaleups and over 50 partners – all for just $95.




Save a spot at the heart of our Tech Garden Expo now.

The Startup Expo section can host 10 startups per day. Present your product or service to the highly sophisticated and professional audience of 2,000 future builders from the creative, tech and business industries.

This showcase opportunity is at the fifth of any regular expo prices, and it includes the full festival access you get with your Creator ticket.

Did you know that Canva, Zero Latency and Girls in Tech Australia launched their businesses and organisations at Pause Fest? Yours could be next.


Get your startup into the stratosphere. All you need to do is win the three rounds to claim the first prize. Sounds easy right?

The first test is the programming selection; the second round is when you face a board of experts on your pitch day at the event: and, finally, you will convince our top investors on the main stage that your idea is the one they need to support. Go big, or go home!

Apply for the pitch competition via the Creator ticket and eligible startups will be notified in early January 2020. The main prize will be announced closer to the event.