Going into a brand new world in 2021, Pause Fest is democratising access to the world’s leading talent in real world business innovation with creative, authentic programming. We firmly believe that everyone is creative - it’s a skill that can be learned.


It all starts with a bit of Pause Fest.



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We believe the innovation is about people, mindset and culture. It’s the active pursuit to evolve and obsess about your customer’s needs. Essentially, It’s about how we organise our teams to perform best, together. This should not be scary and hard but exciting, engaging, fun to purpose lead company’s initiative. Everyone can do it. This is why we get up every day to go to work, and if you don’t then you should change your company or update your skills.

This is what Pause Fest enables you to realise and connect the dots. It’s for the everyday people that think they are not creative or innovative or it’s all too technical, as it is for the CEO’s and leading founders that are at the forefront of innovation and building next gen future products and everyone in between.

Pause Fest connects you to wherever you need to go and it catalyses innovation by making connections that other people and industries can’t see. We sit in the golden epicentre of it all to provide pathways through human connection via storytelling, peer-to-peer learning, recognition, employment, visibility, awareness and so on.

We bring you the melting pot of world’s knowledge to your h-office.




Do what feels right for you, a little or a lot. You can have a taste, or take a deep dive. Your future is in your hands.


Watch it on your h-office like you would do Netflix or podcasts in the background while working. So, kick back and allow the future to take over you. Watch the latest trends and get inspired.


All your discussions pre, during and post event. Actually, full year round! Get active on your computer and interact with others, network, meet, live Q&A. Everything you need to soak up all content, meet awesome people, find opportunities - do your thing! Get a ticket to gain access.


Hands-on and interactive workshops are the best way to pick up a skill or two. Online places are limited and the workshops run for about 1-2 hours.


What happens when the entire innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem come together? Well, it’s pure magic. They launch their businesses, projects and ideas into the stratosphere


Our content streams are designed for you to find what you're looking for, as fast as possible. No sifting through endless videos to find 5 minutes of the insight you need.


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Where do you want to be in 2-5 years from now? 10 years from now? Do you think your hero’s were spending their time binging TV? No. They were learning, discovering and getting shit done.

The greatest change makers, come from humble beginnings. Now it’s your turn.

We firmly believe that everyone is creative - it’s a skill that can be learned. We have curated a program that will bring you value, new skills and new heights.

Make the change, discover yourself at Pause Fest.


Pause Fest is an independent, industry-driven movement with a mission to bring diverse intelligence together to fuel the next generation forward.


Our decade experience in sourcing the best global talent, topics and ideas is coming together combined with our design mindset has built an immersive digital experience made your living room.


We have an amazing range of new tickets for you to binge on, meet new clients, reskill and do business. The earlier you get your ticket, the earlier you connect inside Pause Club - a bespoke online networking and content space.


We have created a practical delivery to support the future leaders of tomorrow.