2018 Opening Titles by Toros Kose

This concept looks to visualize this years theme; the fact that a journey and a destination are one and the same. That they are two parts of a whole and can lead to a neverending loop, or journey, of discovery. A journey leads to a destination, that might lead to a new journey, and so on.

Maps can serve as metaphors as well as the literal object many times necessary to embark on and complete a journey.

Titles - Toros Kose
Music - Kodomo
Voice - Oheri Otobo
Writing - Jaime Sugiyama
Thanks to - George Hedon & Oleg Fedotov

Bigger. Better Bolder. Pause Fest on from 7 - 9 Feb 2018.
Tickets and Info - pausefest.com.au


The journey of human history is defined by distance.
This distance isn't measured in miles.
It's measured in milestones.
It's the distance between necessity and invention. 
Thirst and water.
Desire and discovery. 
It’s striving across this divide that brings us to new countries of thought and lands of possibility.
And even though it takes immeasurable genius to bridge this gap. 
The chasm narrows a little more every time we cross it - 
Miles melt into microns, 
seasons change into seconds,
And what used to occupy an entire floor now wouldn't cover the point of a pin.
Distance is what grounds us.
Distance is what inspires us.
Distance drives us as it denies us.
It builds character as it builds civilization.
It tears down walls and raises new questions.
And above all else, it moves us,
Across uncharted oceans to resplendent streams of thought.
From euclidean axioms, to discreet quanta,
Putting fresh lines on our map.
Lines that stretch out toward zero,
Like hands reaching out for the unknown
forever approaching our ultimate destination,
where distance becomes a distant memory.