Transmutation by Darkslide

The video shows the interaction between mankind consciousness and the technology progress. The main visual is based on the transformation of a human subject, a transfiguration in a bio-mechanical world, an evolution of the subject itself.
With a deeper analysis the viewer could find many references in ancient cultures (such as Maya, Aztech, Indian, Shamanic and Alchemist) and the theories concerning the consciousness evolution. Technology, that in the past has been a cause of human oppression, in this transformation it evolves to a new era of perfect symbiosis.

Art direction - Creative direction
Darkslide (

3D modeling - shading - rendering
Giovanni Mauro

3D Rigging
Anteo Imperato

Samuel Giudice - Fabrizio Falcomatà

Veronica Benedetti

Compositing - Postproduction

3D Animation
Giovanni Mauro

Character Animation
Fabio Cavaliere

Sound Design
Raffaele D'Anello for Meatbeat Studio

Shamanic Drum
Marco Foti

Giovanni Mauro

Special Thank for the support
Rebus Farm