In Conversation with Jamie Finnegan Awards Judge

Welcome to the Pause Awards show, where we invite past winners, and future judges, to talk about their journeys, inspirations and lessons learned in their professional careers. And beyond. 

In this show George Hedon, Founder of Pause Fest and Awards got to speak with Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder.

Jamie joined Finder as the Global Head Of Talent, hiring across the spectrum of talent as the comparison website continues to expand into global markets, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, and the Philippines. In his current role, Jamie is responsible for the growth of Finder's team whilst also designing and driving business initiatives to further enhance Finder's unique culture.

Jamie is another returning judge and he's been enjoying the Pause Awards experience and has loved reading and judging entries. But Jamie is all about the people and culture, so we have asked him what's his take on building a great company culture.

"I split this into two, company culture and values. They often get mistaken for the same thing and interplay quite heavily. If you realate it to a human, the company values would be the same as human values and the culture shift as the human life shifts through the different stages."

Finder has been labeled as having a unique culture, so we have asked Jamie to explain what that means.

"I think it's about the leadership crew and the way the founders show up each day, the freedom and ability to influence in Finder as a business, the whole 1Crew thing... No matter what country you based in, what role you in, how long you been in the business, you have an opportunity to influence and to have an impact. We're one crew and have one goal to achive together."

We spoke about Pause Awards and which categories Jamie prefers the most.

"I'm going to cheat and pick two... I really like the Hammer Award and the Unexpected Twist Award!"

Finder is offering their people an option to get partially paid in cryptos, unlike any other company. To hear about this and much more, check the video below.



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