In Conversation with Carolyn Breeze Awards Judge

Welcome to the Pause Awards show, where we invite past winners, and future judges, to talk about their journeys, inspirations and lessons learned in their professional careers. And beyond. 

In this show George Hedon, Founder of Pause Fest and Awards got to speak with Carolyn Breeze, Leader in FinTech and Payment industry.

For more than 20 years, Carolyn has been actively supporting brands to amplify their presence in relevant markets, elevate their customer experience, and form long-term partnerships. Carolyn’s work within Braintree a PayPal Service, eBay, Vodafone, and Telstra has seen her sharpen her sales, marketing, and leadership expertise, as well as her knowledge in technology, payments, fintech and digital transformation.

"I've been very fortunate to be able to work with big international brands expending into Australia and New Zealand (APAC). When you expanding overseas you see Australia as an entry market because of the language and similar consumer behaviour and tech adoption."

Carolyn is inspired by businesses that drive inclusion by providing democratised, accessible technology and choice. Diversity and inclusion are very important to her.

"There are two aspects that are important to me, when it comes to diversity and inclusion. One is those companies that have best culture... The organisations that I've seen this play out the best have diverse individuals, whether it be by backgrounds or skills. It's very important that your tech company represents the community that you're going to be offering the tech to. And second part is the way in which tech organisations have an ability to change the way we look at diversity and inclusion. Unlike more traditional verticals, tech is leading the way in many fronts."

We spoke about Afterpay's exit but also about Carolyne's advocacy and legacy.

"What I've learnet from my experience is how much of an impact a great leader can have on productivity, creativuty, momentum and on an organisation and individual."

We spoke about Pause Awards and which categories she prefers the most.

"I Wish I'd Done That Award categoty is my favourite. I LOVE new ideas and get so inspired by entrepreneurial thinking."

 Watch full interview from the video below.


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