Past winners, where are they now?

Here is a short timeline made up of successful past Pause Awards winners that are still making waves in the ecosystem now. The handful of companies that are hungry for success and are delivering exceptional value to their users and investors as well. We congratulate, cheer and celebrate them not just for building their businesses from scratch, but also for withstanding the time, pressure and still innovating on their way up. 

This business orchestration could be compared to a symphony, when everything is going right. And everyone entering Pause Awards must understand that they are doing exceptionally well, but some are simply extraordinary. And we have a category for each of your virtues!

Hungry Hungry - 2020 winner of Hammer Award

Oct 20 2020 - Aussie online ordering platform HungryHungry has scored $2 million in Series A funding, after the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated innovation in the hospitality sector, and led to a six-fold increase in orders through the platform. Read more via SmartCompany

IsoKings - 2020 winner of I Wish I’d Done That and Unexpected Twist Award

7 May 2021 - Sydney furniture company IsoKing made $3.6 million after COVID-19 launch, and now rolled out the full range of permanent furniture. Read more via News

Airwallex - 2019 winner of Out of the Garage Award

24 Mar 2021 - Melbourne fintech Airwallex has topped up its Series D round by 50%, raising an extra US$100 million (A$130m) for a total of US$300m. Read more via StartupDaily

Linktree - 2019 winner of I Wish I’d Done That Award

26 Mar 2021 - Aussie social media startup Linktree has raised a huge US$45 million ($59.3 million) in Series B funding, as it continues its growth trajectory following the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more via SmartCompany

Envato - 2018 winner of Unexpected Twist Award

29 Mar 2021 - Melbourne startup Envato has been named Australia’s top marketplace by Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, and the 32nd best in the world — putting the Aussie business 12 spots above its ranking in the inaugural list last year. Reward more via SmartCompany

Single Use Ain’t Sexy - 2020 winner of I Wish I’d Done That Award

28 Jun 2021 - Aussie add-water soap company, SINGLE USE AIN’T SEXY, opened its doors to investors last week - who have already pledged EOI for over a million dollars. Read move via Ekko

Up Bank - 2019 winner of Big Noise Award

While other neobanks have been making a show and dance about their deposit growth, Up founder Dom Pym told Business Insider Australia that his bank has been quietly raising the bar in the banking sector. Read more via BusinessInsider

F45 Training - 2019 winner for Out of the Garage Award

Jul 16 2021 - After a rocky road to public trading, Aussie-born fitness empire F45 has finally listed, closing its first day trading on the New York Stock Exchange with a valuation of almost $2 billion. Read more via SmartCompany

Go1 - 2019 winner of Out of the Garage Award

Jul 20 2021 - Brisbane-based online corporate training marketplace Go1 is Australia’s newest unicorn startup after raising a whopping US$200 million (A$273m) series D, led by SoftBank. Read more via StartupDaily

Afterpay - 2020 winner of Out of the Garage Award

20 Jul 2021 - Afterpay will launch a new banking app for its 3 million-plus Australian users in October, as the payments juggernaut attempts to steal young customers from the major banks by creating a more engaging experience around savings. Read more via AFR

Birchal - 2020 winner of Hammer Award

Birchal, Australia's leading crowdfunding platform, reports on sector progress in 2020, q4 was the biggest ever. female founded firms raised more than year prior. Read more via CrowdfundInsider

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