In Conversation with Julie Demsey Awards Judge

Welcome to the Pause Awards show, where we invite past winners, and future judges, to talk about their journeys, inspirations and lessons learned in their professional careers. And beyond. 

In this show George Hedon, Founder of Pause Fest and Awards got to speak with Julie Demsey from her Coaching & Hypnotherapy business.

Julie is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, transformational mindset coach and business leader who has spent her career helping individuals and organizations grow and thrive. She understands firsthand the challenges faced by both entrepreneurs and corporations, having come to Australia from the Silicon Valley where she held leadership positions with various large companies and startups.

After 20 years in Silicon Valley, Julie decided to drop everything and move to Oz.

“My most challenging job was running the homepage for Yahoo! Back in the day when it was the No.1 page in the world. I was running that globally, and the politics that needed to be done along with all the technology that we were building… in those days the webpages were flat, we don’t even remember them anymore where all you can do is click. We were just starting with that technology, having things that were clickable on the page, adding more interaction, so it was an exciting time to be there.”

Julie has worked on Product Management and Product Teams but now she helps people find their call.

We are products of our own environment, what we’ve been taught and how we can socialise, so we fully believe in the ways we behave that are out of alignment with our true nature - but we’ve been so programmed to be that way.”

We also spoke about why Pause Awards are important to her, and what she’s looking forward to this year in the entries.

“Do you know who I am Award - for unsung hero, it’s a really special thing for people to be acknowledged for the work they are doing. So often we’re not and this is definitely a strong motivator.”

Julie is inspired by supporting others in making significant positive change in themselves, their businesses and the world. Also, nature and our connectedness to it and each other.



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