In Conversation with Anne Miles Awards Judge

Welcome to the Pause Awards show, where we invite past winners, and future judges, to talk about their journeys, inspirations and lessons learned in their professional careers. And beyond. 

In this show George Hedon, Founder of Pause Fest and Awards got to speak with Anne Miles, Managing Director of Suits&Sneakers and Host of Suits&SneakersTV

Anne Miles is an entrepreneurial trailblazer in marketing and advertising and is the founder of Suits&Sneakers, a global network of top pre-approved marketing talent. Anne is a multi-disciplined strategist and creative with a passion for inclusivity and marketing ethics and has over 35 years of experience in marketing and advertising.

Anne is a conscious capitalist.

“Be open to the fact that everyone needs to make money working in a professional environment and you can work with businesses that are not NFP’s. I could work with a chemical company if I was to help them become more conscious, eco-friendly and be on that journey. There is no criteria you’ve got to only work with certain companies.”

We also spoke about why entering the awards in general and what  Pause Awards category she likes the most.

“I accidentally ended up being a winner of another award, which was amazing and the exposure that it gave me for the business even being a finalist, even that makes a big difference.”

“Super keen to see who's doing cool stuff in the B-Good award category.”

“Number one thing in business and anything is to stand for something.”

Anne is inspired by the Meaning more than being Happy and can't rest until she’s made a difference.



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