How to Enter Pause Awards in 7 min?

Yes, you can get your submission done in time it would take you to drink that awesome latte. So let’s see how you can save time and set yourself and company for success.

But first things first. You need to know a few basic rules of eligibility with Pause Awards.

Did you hear that this year's Pause Awards has gone global? Now you can apply from every corner of the planet. To apply for any award category, you don’t have to be NFP, B-Corp or a specific business type. We are not exclusively awarding social good and impact companies, we just hope that you and your projects are taking conscious effort in addressing sustainability and bettering the society in any way. If you are an innovative, clever and disruptive startup, scaleup or enterprise we want to hear from you!

So now that you know that there are no rules around what type of company you are, you can relax and start picking your fav categories to enter. We do however have a few specific categories that are for intrepreneurs, early stage companies, ideas for validation, exit/ IPO milestones and stack of sustainability categories. So pick one or as many categories that you and your company fits. There is no limit to how many categories you can enter.


“Having LVLY be recognised in the Pause Fest Awards was such an honour. Positive impact is at the core of our business and to have that acknowledged outside of the LVLY team was proof to us that we're on the right track.”

- Verity Tuck, LVLY Co-founder & COO, Wish I'd done that Award  2019 Winner

Entering the awards

We have also made it so much easier this year to fill out the form without signup into a software, so you can check out all questions and ponder.

Here is what we recommend you do:

  1. Pick an award category or many that best fit you.
  2. Find the questions in the form and write your answers in a separate document.
  3. Write down all successes, resilience and positive impact you’ve achieved.
  4. Copy your answers into the Pause Awards online form.
  5. Hit submit and do it again for any other subsequent category entry.

On average, it takes 30-60 min to write an entry, pasting it into Pause Awards form and filling out the rest won’t take more than 7 min.

We advise you to write your entry down in Google Drive or your computer because once you send it you won’t be able to edit after, and also if you are submitting for more than one category, it will be much faster to alter the copy and copy paste it in the form.

“I want to know how entrants have gracefully solved customer problems with technical solutions that scale. How have they applied deep thinking and meticulous product build to create something that feels easy, helpful and delightful?”

- Will Hayward, CEO/Board member, Private Media, Pause Awards 2021 Judge

"Being recognised by the industry for the work you do for the industry gave this award so much meaning. It felt like a genuine thank you and big high five from your peers"

- Dianna Somerville, Super Connector Award 2019 Winner

Want to convince the boss?

Some of you might be already the boss of the startup but scaleups and enterprises might need to go through some senior approvals. The good news is that Pause Awards are not the most expensive, if fact we are one of the most affordable to enter awards on the market. And we have purposely made competitive prices to allow everyone to enter, from small to big business.

But if the price is still the issue, here are some reasons that you might want to highlight to your team when deciding if to enter the award competition and in how many categories.

  • Apply from anywhere in the world.

  • Challenge yourself – compete with the best in class.

  • Support the tech industry initiative.

  • Get awarded for your impact in the ecosystem.

  • Build credibility with the Pause Fest stamp of approval.

  • Tell your success story to the world.

  • Invite to speak at Pause Fest events.

  • Boost your brand by winning a designer trophy.

  • Get featured in Pause Award comms for two years.

  • Enter as many categories that fit you.

  • Affordable entry prices.

We could have rolled more reasons but decided to end on this quote from Andy Rosic, our new judge from Vancouver.

“If you're a growing, successful business then you're already doing things well. We need more celebration and press for the folks who are deep in the mix, who are doing the good work, who are showing up. They need to be cheered on to keep bringing us all forward!”

- Andy Rosic, VP of Product, 5th Kind, Pause Awards 2021 Judge

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Filling out an entry form takes approximately 7 minutes, and you can do it here. For an awards overview please head to the awards page. Most answers to your questions can be found in the Pause Awards 2021 - Entry Kit which you should download from here.

Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need further assistance. This is how we can help you, so feel free to arrange a call or Zoom meeting to talk about your entries. Best of luck!