Announcing Pause Originals 2021 artists and studios

Going into eleventh year, Pause Originals have stood the test of time as one of the most creative initiatives that kicked off at the inception of the event. Since then, creators that get selected each year to participate go on all sorts of wild adventures after the premiere at the festival. 

Being featured online in Stash or Motionographer of gracing the cover with full story in 3D World magazine. Some go on to win awards like Communicator, SXSW, Davey’s but some just win new clients or land a job in a dream post-production facility like TheMill. But all of them explore and experiment with the tech and dare to try something that clients may not want to pay for. And of course collaborate with the friends or connect with new suppliers to test the waters.

For the past four years, we have partnered with WOW Media in Los Angeles to give creators the exposure on twelve massive digital billboards for free. Three artworks per month stay rotating amongst Disney, Netflix and other Hollywood blockbuster ads.

Here is the official selection of artists and studios for Pause Fest 2021 event.


Geert van Hooff (Amsterdam)

Ziyang Yu (Shanghai)

Flatwhite Motion (Qingdao)

Alex Maltsev (Kyiv)

Mehdi Hadi (Paris)

Hewitt Lee (Guangzhou)

Zhao Zhe (Beijing)

UOU (Beijing)


IMG Mehdi 1

Image by: Mehdi Hadi


IMG Bicture 1

 Image by: Bicture