10 reasons why you should attend Pause Fest 2021

With over 100+ visionary speakers from across the globe lined-up over an awe-inspiring 10-day program built with UX in mind, a world of opportunities awaits you at next year’s Pause Fest. Here’s 10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss out and should register now!


PFA21 10 reasons


#1 : Join the Titans of tech and creativity

Hailed as the Innovation Capital, Octoberfest for business and Woodstock for digital natives, Pause Fest welcomed over 80,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers from all over the world. Celebrating our 11th edition in 2021, we’re self-claiming the title MTV for Innovation and have lined up over 100+ top-notch global speakers to deliver controversial, industry-shaking insights and spectacular highs, lows and coming-to-blow stories. Your career will never forgive you if missed out!


#2 : It’s time for CHANGES

Changes are part of us, what we learn and how we adapt is critical to our existence. In fact, being comfortable with the unknown or uncomfortable is when pure magic happens - even more so in light of the recent unprecedented times.

The companies who are resistant to change fall behind those that would embrace it. And there goes the wheel of innovation, pushing us all forward.

At next year’s Pause Fest, the festival’s theme will be Changes and all the content presented will revolve around the innovative changes and lessons learnt from the recent time and how it serves to propel us forward on the road towards growth and expansion.


#3 : Content you can’t Google

Featuring the most innovative and creative minds from all around the world like NASA, Netflix, Adidas, Google Empathy Labs, AfterPay, NXT Museum, HyperloopTT, next year’s Pause Fest will deliver an awe-inspiring 10-day program of highly engaging and provocative content and ideas that you cannot look up on Google. It’s our promise!


#4: Innovation for everyone

From Artificial Intelligence to FinTech, Architecture and Urbanism, Code and Programming, Advertising and Marketing, Health, MedTech and Wellbeing, to Space and Science, and heaps more - Pause Fest 2021 will have over a 100+ speakers lined up delivering a rich variety of topics and ideas that is sure to ignite inspiration across the board!

#5: Less FOMO more INSPO

Pause Fest is designed with UX in mind and around your lifestyle. Say goodbye to unending Zoom sessions and hello to two weeks of content that is specially tailored for optimised viewing across an itinerary that will allow you to watch just about everything - so that you don’t suffer FOMO!

#6 : Never miss a thing!

All presentations, panels and even our line-up of entertainment will be recorded and made available on Video-On-Demand, so you don’t ever have to miss a thing! Catch up and watch when you can or rewatch any session again to your heart’s content. 


#7 : Furthering conversations 1-on-1

Unlike live events where the window of opportunities to connect with others through conversation is limited, you will be able to engage in longer D&M chats with speakers and many others on specific topics and interests in our 1-on-1 Online chat feature. Find your next exciting chapter and collaboration! (* This feature is not available for Content Ticket Holders)

#8 : Connecting with great minds from your very own h-office

Dive into the melting pot of great minds! Pause Fest connects you to wherever you need to go and it catalyses innovation by making connections that other people and industries can’t see. With Pause Fest 2021 going online, you can access and enjoy everything our event has to offer without having to leave your h-office! Pause Fest 2021 Online will be the golden epicentre of it all that will provide pathways through human connection via storytelling, peer-to-peer learning, recognition, employment, visibility and awareness. 

#9 : Up-skill. Re-Learn. 

Whether you’re looking to skill-up or re-learn a new set of skills, Pause Fest 2021 will be bringing you hands-on and interactive workshops from some of the industry’s leading gurus and subject matter experts from all around the world. Upon completion, you will also receive a certificate of completion that you can flaunt off on your resume and profile to potential companies.


#10 : Join the buzz in our Pause Club 

Whether you’re looking to strike a deal, meet a start-up, find new clients or investors, validate your latest ideas and projects or simply to just discuss random musings - we’ve got it all happening in our Pause Club right from the second you get your tickets. This is where opportunities are transformed into realities.  (* Pause Club access is not available to Content Ticket Holders)


Get your tickets to the world’s leading festival for business and creativity before the Early Bird period ends on the 4th of December!

Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Visit https://www.pausefest.com.au/program-2020/speakers now.