The Year of the Great Pause

Whilst many bemoan 2020 as “the year that didn’t happen” – on the contrary – it forced a great deal of things to happen.
Many of us had switch to remote working. Businesses pivoted. Some, sadly, disappeared. Almost all businesses had to transition their services online and digitise their delivery of solutions.
Everyone has been forced to reflect and think differently due to the rapid changes in the air.
Changes will mark this decade, and this is only the beginning.
Thus, in the spirit and commitment of inspiring and reflecting on the current state of the world we live in, the new theme for Pause Fest 2021 will be centred in around “changes”.

PFA21 Branding Insitu 001

Changes in the air

Changes are part of us, what we learn and how we adapt is critical to our existence. In fact, being comfortable with the unknown or uncomfortable is when pure magic happens.
The companies who are resistant to change fall behind those that would embrace it. And there goes the wheel of innovation, pushing us all forward.
At next year’s Pause Fest, this theme is there to guide and inspire speakers, artists, visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs all around the world and to spark a bind from which conversations can begin.
Furthermore, to inspire positive changes, we at Pause ourselves will be evolving.

Pause Fest 2021 Online

Despite the many challenges that has obstructed the production of events, Pause will not only be going onwards, but we’re going global.

To mark our 11th edition next year, Pause Fest will; be streamed online – allowing for a much wider reach to connect creative innovators from around the world. We believe that innovation is about people, mindset and culture – and it should be for everyone.
Behavioural programming built on UX – less FOMO more INSPO 

This is no Zoom Marathon

Make no mistake – Pause Fest 2021 is no Zoom Marathon with long hours of imprisonment in front of the screen. In fact, we don’t want you to stop living just to tune in for our event.
We recognise that people are becoming time poor and Zoom-fatigued in their new working from home life and environment, and thus can easily get burned out from having to face their computer screens for long hours. 

In fact, we don’t want you to stop living just to tune in to our event. So, we’ve built a program around your lifestyle.

10-day event programming

Pause Fest 2021’s program is designed to run across 10 whole days as opposed to cramming it all into three full days. Also, as this is an online event and not an in-person event, we’ve also factored how demanding it can be for viewers to stay focused. Therefore, we’ve had to change the duration of session formats; keynotes will only run up to 15 minutes whilst panels will go on for 30 minutes with at least 15 minutes of live Q&A with speakers after presentations.

Less FOMO – More INSPO

We have decided to deliver less FOMO and more INSPO in 2021 – curating single stream content over ten days in blocks on only one to two hours rather than overload attendees with six to eight hours of programming.
We strongly believe that this will also allow people to better digest the many thought-provoking ideas and discussions from the program and allow time for engaging conversations.


Respective of everyone’s busy schedule, all sessions will be made available for Video On Demand (VOD) so that you can watch them at a time that suits you.

Unique Entertainment Experiences

We will also be jazzing up the event with a variety of performances, unique experiences and other specially curated content that some of our partners will be delivering.

Exclusive Content for Innovation Drivers

Rewarding our utmost loyal and devoted Pause Fest supporters, this year, we will have a range of top-notch exclusive content for all our Innovation Ticket holders with exclusive VIP access to the Speaker Lounge and Live Q&A sessions.

Getting and staying connected in the Pause Club

The most exciting addition that we’ve got in stored for Pause Fest 2021 will be the Pause Club - it’s like a baby from Slack and Facebook! As soon as you get your ticket (excluding Content Ticket), you will be granted a one-year’s access to our first private network where you can pop-in and have a chat with other attendees. So, if you buy your ticket five months ahead, you will have five months of awesome chats and interactions on the platform pre-event, then during the event and post-event – essentially for the entire year! This way, you not only make connections – you stay connected as well.

This will be the future of events – events that are embedded deeply into the private community that enables you to be in your bubble with people that you love, respect and inspire. More than that – it’s all about connecting with people who can get you places, open doors provide constructive feedback, offer job opportunities and much more.

And like the makings of any social media channel, Pause Club will be that place where we will post all of our announcements, have live Q&As with speakers, share keynotes, podcasts and even our inspired music playlists.

This will be the place where we meet you to talk about the future and build global relationships.

We deeply believe that half a year of our research, taking into account all interactions and listening closely to all of your issues and problems, have solidified into the Pause Fest 2021’s Online experience that we are very proud of and we can’t wait to share.

We believe that Pause Online will be a different story.