Starting off Pause Fest 2021 with a Big Bang!

Sam Bompas of British culinary wonder kids, Bompas & Parr took the online centre stage with “Explosions of Flavour” – an explosive experience powered by City of Melbourne on the 5th of November, marking the official opening of Pause Fest 2021.

Sam invited all viewers into their Temple of the Tongue – the secret kitchen workshop where all their magic is concocted – and walked through their creative processes and inspirations that fuel their passion for delivering award-winning culinary experiences like their infamous exploding jelly fiasco, glowing gherkin chandeliers and flavoured vapour mists.

“Here’s to creative chaos.” – Sam Bompas

With danger looming at just about every corner of their Temple of the Tongue, Sam showcases a few of their experiments like a true magician with his counter-top wizardy using various bits and pieces that could be easily found in anyone’s pantry.

If only Bill Nye, the Science Guy, had made science this delightful!


Watch the whole spectacle here.