How to get your Award entry done pronto

Our Pause Team is here to help you figure out how to fill out your submission in a day! Are you a slow poke? Here's how to get your submission done in the time it would take to watch one episode of Shark Tank.

Whether you're applying as an individual or a company, your Award entry doesn’t have to be a headache! We aren't looking at the perfectly crafted entry - just show us what you did!

When your award submission is finished, you can relax: take a bath, let your hair down and say it’s done! Not only that, you can still edit your entry anytime after you have submitted right up until the deadline. 

Step 1:

Choose the Award which sounds right for you, here’s an easy guide if you’re unsure.

Step 2:

Go through the questions in advance, write down key ideas in answers to start with as bullet points in the answers box or on a notepad.

Step 3:

Look at your notes in comparison to business success / smart tactics / positive impact (expanded further below) and bulk up your answers.

Step 4:

Copy your answers onto another sheet and change the colour/font of the text, this will make you look at it differently and read it from a different perspective and catch any edits.

Step 5:

Submit! You can edit your entry anytime up until the deadline after you have submitted. 


ProntoAwards Business Success IMAGE4


Firsty, remember what your judges are looking for: 

Business success:

What was the success in your business? How do you measure it, and what it means to you or your business?

What this means: Look at the goals you set at the beginning of the business and compare to your results today. What did you overachieve on? Here’s where you stun us with some growth stats in the areas you did best in. 

Smart tactics:

What strategies have you employed? And how resilient is your approach or the business model against the future?

What this means: Whether its something unique to you or a well known model, how did it help your business and what areas did you focus your strategic attention to? Did you change your strategy at any point and why? Where do you see this going in the future?

Positive impact:

A focus on the company culture, client or customer satisfaction and community impact.

What this means: everything you do has a cause and effect: social impact, staff impact, customer impact, personal impact, financial impact, environmental impact or contribution to society. The way you measure your positive impact is up to you: but think, do you have any examples of this impact? These could be changes in the community, testimonials from staff, customers or partners or measurements against your KPIs you set out to begin with. 


 ProntoAwards FAQ IMAGE7

Across most of the Award types we ask these key questions:


  1. What was the brief or reason to start the initiative? (50 words)

Why did you start your business or work in your sector! Why do you exist? What is your drive. If someone or something inspired you, this is the perfect place to put it in words.


  1. What was your solution, implementation and strategic insight? (300 words)

Time to tell us how good you are. Think about your business strategy, goals and smart tactics. 

  1. What are the outcomes and results from your success? (300 words)

Give us the stats! Tell us what you’ve done! How have you made impact!

Think about your business success and positive impact.

 ProntoAwards STEPS IMAGE3


Answering some FAQs:

I’m already happy with my work - why should I enter?

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from last years winners:

“Having LVLY be recognised in the Pause Fest Awards was such an honour. Positive impact is at the core of our business and to have that acknowledged outside of the LVLY team was proof to us that we're on the right track.”

- Verity Tuck, LVLY Co-founder & COO, Wish I'd done that Award  2019 Winner


"Being recognised by the industry for the work you do for the industry gave this award so much meaning. It felt like a genuine thank you and big high five from your peers"

- DIANNA SOMERVILLE, Super Connector Award 2019 Winner


Some tangible takeaways are:

  • Be reviewed by global industry experts.
  • Get invited to speak at Pause Fest.
  • Challenge yourself – compete with the best in class.
  • Build credibility, be seen and recognised for your impact.
  • Extend your network and get new business!


I started this project less than two years ago! Can I still apply?

While we do have 2 year in position eligibility to make sure the companies and individuals submitting are somewhat established and have a good product.

We understand side hustles can be amazing projects! Impress us with your answers and you won’t be disqualified if you want to enter. That’s all we can say.


There’s a few different awards which match my work/skills! Which one should I apply for?

You can apply for multiple award entries to increase your chances of success, we have also made an easy guide to awards for people like you! Find it here.