Innovation for everyone

Going into a brand new world in 2021, Pause Fest is democratising access to the world’s leading talent in real world business innovation with creative, authentic programming. We firmly believe that everyone is creative - it’s a skill that can be learned. 

It all starts with a bit of Pause Fest.

We are committed to democratising innovation for everyone. We’ve released new ticket types to create a more accessible ticket offer, revised our content tracks to share practical knowledge and are giving away up to 10,000 tickets for our charity partners. 

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Innovation is about curiosity

We believe the innovation is about people, mindset and culture. It’s the active pursuit to evolve and obsess about your customer’s needs. Essentially, It’s about how we organise our teams to perform best, together. This should not be scary and hard but exciting, engaging, fun to purpose lead company’s initiative. Everyone can do it. This is why we get up every day to go to work, and if you don’t then you should change your company or update your skills.

This is what Pause Fest enables you to realise and connect the dots. It’s for the everyday people that think they are not creative or innovative or it’s all too technical, as it is for the CEO’s and leading founders that are at the forefront of innovation and building next gen future products and everyone in between.  

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Up to 10,000 tickets for charities

Bringing innovation into the everyday and for everyone is not just about those who can afford a ticket, it’s about everyone who needs a ticket. That’s why we are giving away 10,000 tickets to charities for people to experience Pause Fest 2021.

We want our actions to reflect our mission and values on a large scale, being that our delivery is online we hope we can provide a mass impact. In the world of virtual events, the barrier to access physical events has been removed and we hope to embrace this to share what we have to the wider community, no matter their background or circumstances.

Our charity partners so far do amazing work in the areas of education, climate change, underprivileged backgrounds, mental health and  indigenous connection. We’d love to bring more charities and the people they support to Pause Fest 2021, so get in touch.

We’re calling on the people to share this far and wide to charities they think would align with our mission at Pause Fest.

We also hope that press around this will encourage others to do the same, as with the commercial pressures of COVID have seen business’ move away from investing in charities.

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Binge on content

Our content streams are designed for you to find what you're looking for, as fast as possible. Discover specialised programming session types - capturing the key insights, stories and delivering impactful talks, created for engagement.

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New ticket types

We have an amazing range of new tickets for you to binge on, meet new clients, reskill and do business. The choice is yours, how you want to discover Pause Fest can be done on your terms, with the option that’s best for you.

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