Pause Fest Easy Guide to Awards

Over the last 11 years, we have seen many of our Pause visitors, speakers, partners and sponsors shine brightly. From the audience member who is fearless to ask the question everyone is thinking, to the speaker who creates the light bulb moment in the crowd. We understand that you are amazing, now we want to celebrate that. 

Not only are you amazing, but you are likely to be juggling a few different hats, in the midst of a pandemic and have a bunch of other things on your mind. This is why we have created the award personalities, an easy guide to match you with the award you’re best suited for - think of it as tinder for award entries. 

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur EDM

You had a brilliant idea and you made it happen. You’ve worked hard to create something special and the restless nights have been worth it.

We think your best suited to apply for our Hammer Award for absolutely nailing it, Roowi Award for founders with Indigenous or ethnic heritage, I Wish I’d Done That Award for sheer brilliance, or our Prodigy Award for being exceptional.

The Super Human


You probably spend more time emailing than sleeping, even then… your dreams are likely to be work related.

You have clocked some serious hours at work, sometimes you're not sure if you love or hate your work but at least you did a damn good job.

If this sounds like you, the Do You Know Who I am Award is perfect for the silent achiever, or our Prodigy Award for just being exceptional.


The Butterfly

Butterfly EDM

You used to be different, then all of a sudden the winds changed, the sun shined and you grew your wings. You have now become the butterfly you always had inside you and are doing what you love.

From jumping industries, tackling the COVID storm to starting a side hustle, you’ve pivoted and jumped into something new.

You would be perfect for our Unexpected Twist Award, or maybe your project fits the I Wish I’d Done That Award and for business founders with Indigenous or ethnic heritage make sure to apply for the Roowi Award.


Born to Win

Winner EDM

You're business does cool things and people love it.

Your company is killing it, you have never been prouder and you want to get some recognition for your great work.

There's tonnes of awards you can enter, if you've scaled globally the Out of the Garage Award is your best bet, or if you've created a media storm go for the Big Noise Award. If you're business has done social good definitely apply for the B-Good Award, if you had a clever idea I Wish I’d Done That Award is right for you.

The Startup Champ
Connector EDM

You are constantly on the watch for the latest startups/superstars at your local accelerators, meet-ups and networking events.  You're the person that people end up sending their pitches to for "final eyes" and you end up helping them score their best deal.

Somehow all your connections end up friends with each other but you can’t exactly figure out how.

If you're a community champ make sure to go for the Super Connector Award. If you've been a mentor to someone the Baton Award's for you.

Young, Restless and Ready

Young EDM

While your friends are sculling beers you are sending out LinkedIn requests, working on your side hustle, researching your next project.

The youngest in the crowd, but often the person with the most ideas. You are excited by the future and want to change it for the better.

If you're a young gun you are perfect for the Prodigy Award, if you're still studying check out the Fresh Blood Award.