Pause Originals 2020 - Global motion response initiative

Experience original, eye-popping stories in motion delivered by studios and individuals from across the globe. The theme for 2020 is 'New Odyssey'.

Pause Fest’s signature initiative now in its 10th year, Pause Originals - Motion Response allows artists to regain creative control, experiment, collaborate and gain valuable industry promotion and recognition all while facilitating fun through the process. Studios who have presented at Pause have gone on to win over 20 awards in international competitions and award shows, including gold at the Communicator and Davey awards. Continuing our partnerships with WOW media, we are offering all submissions one month of free promotion on billboards throughout Los Angeles, an incredible exposure opportunity in the heart of Hollywood.

This year we have received the highest level of production from all teams around the world that we haven't seen in a decade. Thanks to all of you for the extraordinary effort in producing your masterpieces. Most of the videos look as if they are AAA game trailers or inserts from the Hollywood productions. This insane level of entusiasm and craft has taken Pause Originals 2020 to the entirely next level. The ideas explored on the set theme depicts the current state of being, fears and hopes of what's to come in the near future.

Have a look at the magic seven artworks below. Please share and comment and if you really like what they do, get in touch and get them on one of your projects too.


Pause Originals – The Funeral by Axl Le

The original intention of this work was to commemorate my grandfather that had passed away. I was unable to attend his funeral, which made me grieve for a long time. But it also made me think: Since I have not been able to attend the funeral of my grandfather, does it mean that he still exists in my heart and is alive somewhere in the universe in a way?

When my grandmother passed away two years ago, my grandfather was particularly sad and wished to go with her. This made me start thinking about the topic of death, which also inspired this work. For many Chinese, death is not the end, but the opening to a world of bliss. It is another journey. Through this video I hope to take part in my grandfathers final journey. I also hope that it can give people some new ways of thinking about the meaning of death.

POriginal 001

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Pause Originals — New Odyssey by Mateusz Koz?owski

There lived a woman on the edge of the horizon with hair like a dream.
Her eyes became obscured by dusk and a poetry poured out of her mouth,
more terrible than any evil.
Time, it would have seemed, had turned its course, civilization was nearing its fall.
Machines replaced oceans, flowers took the shape of steel.
Love calcified, like a concrete cast.
Everything took the form of figures, almost completely deprived of life.
Passion was drowned out.
The clock keeps ticking,
but can it bear the weight of transience?

POriginal 002

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Pause Originals — HOPE by SeenVision

After a hundred-year recovery plan, the earth has returned to its former vitality in all respects. Man-made machines take care of the earth in an orderly manner. High-intelligence AI flies over the sky and scans every life passing through the forest streams. At this time, human beings have been frozen for thousands of years in the hibernation equipment in space, and the AI equipment in the space station is being maintained in an orderly manner, providing human with the nutrient liquid needed in daily life. Implant daily information into sleeping humans to keep the brain active. In this way, under the protection of AI, human beings wait quietly for the recovery of the earth.

POriginal 003

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Pause Originals — Emptiness by Bandidoguapo

The concept of "Emptiness" is based on changing the point of view about our knowledge, to discover that evolution of humans is inside us.

POriginal 004



Pause Originals – Cyberpunk Shaihaiching by Lei Alucard

Our ancestors have always believed in gods and demons throughout the time, they named them, remember their deeds and passed down the stories from one generation to another for thousands of years. Those mythical gods and demons could be created by the science and technology. They can divide humankind into good and evil.

POriginal 005

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Pause Originals – Simulation by Radugadesign

In our concept, we rely on the theory of computer simulation. If the hypothesis is true, in the future we will be able to become "creators" of the virtual world that will turn into "real" for its new inhabitants. Our world may not be the main one in the universe. It’s possible that some overdeveloped civilization has already come this way, and our world is one of its experiments.

We observe that a person’s place is increasingly determined by how the digital space perceives us. The world is gradually entering the era of artificial intelligence, immersed in "neural networks". We're learning to create more and more realistic copies of reality.

We're not only knowing ourselves through impulses that we catch, but also this helps us to construct ways of interacting with each other. We pass them on to our surrounding reality. We're generating and launching new impulses that affect the world around us.

POriginal 006

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Pause Originals – Instant by Inferstudio

We live in a world of instant, hyper-personalised consumerism, where a thousand thousand odysseys are made by data and objects every second of the day. In the not-too-distant-future, the city itself is a giant fulfilment centre. On reclaimed, re-wilded and digitally augmented land, pieces of the world are grown, dug up, melted, moulded, soldered, packaged and distributed by sentient machine networks. Everything is counted; every box on every shelf has its place in the system – and so do we. Maybe these production and distribution technologies will bring the world to our door without the carbon- miles, shrinking the world to a city and its surrounds. Or maybe they will disconnect us from our environments and turn the ‘source’ into a thing of myth. All this, to fulfil our smallest desires - say, a single egg for poached eggs on toast.

POriginal 007

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All Pause Origianals will be played at Pause Fest 2020 between sessions and in the Tech Garden Expo.