Choose Your Pass For Pause Fest 2020

Our ticketing change in 2019 worked out well. According to you, it was our best event to date, so we decided to keep the same ticketing structure in 2020. It was installed to inspire communal engagement instead of single day drop-ins. We want you there present and engaged. So, thank you!

There are three main ticket types:

CREATOR - for early-stage founders. Perfect traction for your business.
EXPLORER - for individuals. Create future opportunities.
LEADER - for companies. Our most popular pass. Business Class.

In simple terms, if you can’t decide which pass you need, here is the top level comparison:

If you are not an early-stage startup, please proceed to buy Explorer or Leader.
(Please note: Agencies, regular business and consultants are not startups.)

The main difference between Explorer and Leader is a depth of engagement. Leader has access to Workshops, VIP events, list of startups exhibiting and the valuable festival report. If you want workshops and the business class experience, the Leader pass is for you. 


Hello Creators

Build your future. For founders looking for new experiences, traction, co-founders, connections, mentors and investors.

Exclusive for early-stage founders, designers, students, developers who are looking to expand their circles and tap into a wider network that will help them commercialise their ideas. Ideal for discovering co-founders, mentors or investors, new skills building, peer-to-peer advice and inspiration.

Note: This ticket is for those who are looking to start a business but are not in a position to afford full-priced tickets. Fully-formed businesses, small businesses and cash-positive startups are exempt from this ticket tier.

Hello Explorers

Find new horizons. For the pros seeking the next step in their careers, trends, new ideas, collaborators and inspirations.

Exclusive for professionals, employees, freelancers, consultants and educators who are looking to upskill, get new work, collaborate, connect to corporates or startups, find a job or a new client and learn something new. All for personal and professional growth and inspiration.

Hello Leaders

Get down to business. For companies or pros looking beyond the horizon, business growth and development, team building, potential clients and new talent.

Exclusive for companies, businesses, scaleups, government organisations and corporates who are looking to stay ahead of the curve, connect to startups, discover new talents or clients, team building and rewarding, business development and gaining forecast trends and insights.

Hello Media

We LOVE media! Press and blog passes are possessed on an invitation basis only. You’ll need to have minimum 100,000 monthly readership or 30,000 followers to qualify.

Hello Tech Gardeners

Are you thinking of attending but not sure? Or you are just curious and want a taste of Pause... If none of the above tickets are suitable or the ticket price might be a barrier, you can register for a free expo pass. See you in the Tech Garden Expo!

Matchmaking and Networking

Pause Fest 2020 will be like no other event as we double down on matchmaking and networking opportunities by introducing new session formats like Networking Experience App, Deal Room and keeping our loved Speed Date Mentors. In addition, we are organising Founders Night on Tuesday before the festival kicks off and of course your favourite big closing night party filled with entertainment. We will also be announcing the Pause Week shortly. Stay tuned for all these announcements later in the year and mid January when the booking opens for some of those session.

Join us in February for the largest gathering of the global creative and business community in Australia. Find the right pass for you and secure your place at the festival in 2020. Find your new, next and beyond.

Pause Fest 2020 takes place between 5 – 7 Feb 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia.