Motion Response 2020 Artists And Studios Announced

Pause Fest’s signature initiative now in its 10th year, stronger than ever, is back!

Motion Response allows artists to regain creative control, experiment, collaborate and gain valuable industry promotion and recognition all while facilitating fun through the process. Most studios and artists who have been involved with Pause Fest Motion Response win acclaimed awards and accolades in the international competitions and award shows. The standard of work presented is at the highest quality and serves as an inspiration for years after to next gen of artist.

Next year's theme is 'New Odyssey'. Meet the 2020 super team!


Yoshiki Lai Design Studio

Yoshiki is Designer from Taichung City in Taiwan with over ten years of experience in web and motion graphics design.

Motion 2020 Yoshiki



Inferstudio is a design and media practice that reveals and crafts narratives of human societies through a diverse range of time based media and 3D environments. 

Through film, exhibition, online media and writing, we aim to build worlds that propose and provoke, investigating problems and opportunities on our shared technological, cultural and environmental horizons. There are stories that could, so we believe, reveal hidden conditions and challenge existing assumptions about the futures for our technologies and our urban environments.

Motion 2020 Infer


Lei Alucard (Lei Peng)

Motion 2020 Lei


Mateusz Kozlowski

Mateusz is a visual artist, 2d/3d designer, freelance animator and cat-lover based in Gda?sk, Poland Graduated Master's in the field of 3D Animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gda?sk and BA in Photography and Animation. Creates works on the borderline of commercials and arts. A specialist in animation, design and motion. Recently worked for: Festival of two theaters, the Westerplatte Museum, the Museum of the Second World War, Polish Film Festival, TVP (Polish Broadcast Television) and more.

Motion 2020 Matheusz



Radugadesign is a media-design studio that provides a comprehensive range of services in multimedia design and technical support for events of any scale: from audio-visual shows to interactive installations. Since 2007 we have realized more than 350 projects, including international projects in France, Belgium, South Korea, CIS countries, USA, China and even on the North Pole. In its works the studio combines three areas: space, technologies and design.

Motion 2020 Raduga



Based in Buenos Aires, with a vast international experience in the audiovisual market and particularly in branding, video and advertising. We look forward to grow with every project and to have better results every time.

Restless, curious, looking for new languages, techniques and methods to make the most of the resources that the audiovisual market and the animation in particular, have to offer. We focus this search on the development of a conceptual look and a distinctive esthetic.

Motion 2020 Bandidoguapo


Axl Yi (YI LE)

Motion 2020 Axl


SeenVision Studio

Motion 2020 SeenVision


Jose Checa

Jose studied Computer Science Engineering and a Master's degree in Communication and Art Direction at Elisava School, in Barcelona.

Throughout his career, he has worked for companies such as 1st Ave Machine, Elephant, Brand New School, DDB, Los York and Tendril, that allowed him to gain a valuable experience working for brands like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Samsung to name a few. After a two year stint working fulltime at 1st Ave Machine in New York City, in 2014, Jose began freelancing in Europe and USA.

Motion 2020 Josecha