Welcome to the Tech Garden

In 2019, we present to you the Tech Garden.

The Tech Garden is our exhibition space mixed with Startup Expo, brand activations and interactive art. This space is located in Fed Square atrium and it’s open to public, meaning you don’t have to have a ticket to access it. The great thing about that is that exhibitors catch the daily general public traffic and the attendees from the event.

Unlike any year, Tech Garden 2019 is full of great partners, demos, interactivity and excitement. We have also included food and beverage corner in it.

PFA19 TechGarden

Here is the list of partners that will be exhibiting:


IBM is the entry point to information on business, security and storage solutions. They are the home of all of your future solutions. Over 80 years, IBM has been working to solve some of the biggest issues facing Australia and New Zealand. Today IMB is helping doctors diagnose disease, predicting the latest fashion trends and creating better services for citizens.


Only Adobe gives everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences.


Taboo is an advertising agency for a world that hates advertising. We’re a team of thinkers, makers and entrepreneurs, born on the streets over 17 years ago. We work from an understanding that people today are literate, socially-connected and come equipped with an immaculate bullshit detector.

UP Bank

UP ia a passionate team of engineers and creatives that is Building the best mobile banking experience imaginable.


.CO is the domain name of choice for innovators, startup founders, and entrepreneurs. It’s a community of people just like you who are building their ideas online.


nura is the world's only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. nura is a passionate group of music loving scientists, engineers, and creatives. Based in Melbourne, Australia nura was founded in 2016 with the ground-breaking idea of using the otoacoustic emission to create headphones that automatically learn and adapt to your unique hearing.

Monash University

Materials engineers make a unique contribution – not just by making new materials, but also by improving what we already have. At Monash, their graduates and researchers are making things stronger, lighter, more functional, more sustainable and more cost-effective. Their contributions underpin all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and health sciences.


Smartbox is an automated and interactive, data-led retail and advertising network that puts brands in hands. A revolutionary combination of vending and digital media capabilities conceived by SVA Vending. SVA Vending has become a recommended name in Australia over the last decade – known for providing superlative services and superior, automated solutions.               

Biometric Mirror (University of Melbourne)

Biometric Mirror questions the accuracy and assumptions of facial recognition algorithms. Enter a sci fi beauty salon and let an AI scan your biometric data and reveal a mathematically ‘perfect’ version of your own face. But whose version of perfection is it really?

Disruptive Critters

Disruptive Critters explores the performative possibilities of autonomous computer generated agents, interactive media and digital design. Using a multi-touch tabletop console, players activate real-time computer generated virtual avatars (or critters), which roam the virtual performance space. The critters, each with their own sound world and gestural repertoire, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with players and with each other in seemingly unpredictable ways.


Hedgehog is the love child of nine young creatives, marketers & strategists who transform businesses of all sizes into brands people care about. We’ve taken Big Agency talent, infused it with Little Agency passion, cut out all the bullsh*t in between and found a way to achieve massive results doing what we’re damn good at, for brands we’re mighty impressed by, with people we’d happily be trapped in an elevator with.

Startup Expo

Check out the boldest and brightest early stage startups in Australia. Discover the future of creative, tech and business - and talk to the entrepreneurs who are lighting the world on fire.

A proven platform for success, the Pause Startup Expo is a real acceleration point – whatever the stage of startup journey. Past exhibitors have gone on to achieve incredible things: products have been validated and promoted; investor relationships have been cemented; the seed of an idea has grown into something tangible that has made its way into the public sphere. And in 2019, startups will be pitching each day for the final grand award.

Be there to see the future happen in real time.

Startup Names to be listed below shortly.