Your one-pager toolkit of how to survive Pause Fest 2018

There are only a few days before the storm...

The buzz in the country has been exceptional this year - we are extremely excited!


So why not simply jump into the matter. Shall we?


Bellow list holds 97% of the program that will help you see the topics and companies in the linear format. 

There are few events that are not on the list such as parties, interactive installations, VIP Business Breakfast and IBM Think Tank. We had to hold few things off to keep the excitement on the day.


All topics into the following tags on the online schedule:

BrandX - Design, Brands, Marketing

SmartFuture - Future of work, Digital Transformation

Innovation - Leadership, Business, Product & Service, Policy & Gov.

AR/ VR/ MR - Self-explanatory.

FutureTech - IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

Social Good - Social Enterprise, B Corp, Purpose

Startup - VC, Funding, Entrepreneurship, Pitching

Culture - Digital Culture, Art, Public & Social


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Guy Kawasaki Chief Evangelist Canva Top ten mistakes of entrepreneurs
Brian Green Technical Director Pixar Animation Studios How Steve Jobs took Pixar on the magical journey to stars.
Dr. John R. Smith IBM Fellow, AI Tech, IBM Research IBM Creativity: the next horizon for AI
Kelsey Whelan Product Manager Netflix Netflix Studio: From Pitch to Play
Cecilia Ambros Head of Design Research Amazon Creative Chaos

Wayne Thompson
Director Australian Type Foundry Designing Our National Font
Adam Ferrier Co-Founder Thinkerbell Why There is No Value in Efficiency
Paula Bray DX Lab Leader State Library of NSW DX Lab: Designing with Cultural Heritage Data

Kristy Richards
Partner The Lab Rigging the Crystal Ball: How Cultural Insight Helps us to Design for a Future we Actually Want.

Cassie De Colling
Director UKU360 UKU360 the underwater VR journey

Bruce Ramus
Creative Director Ramus Illumination Pty Ltd The Shifting Quality of Light - Integration, not Imposition
Fiona Patten Leader Australian Reason Party Sex, cannabis, god, death & The ‘Reason’ of life
Will Dayble Founder Fitzroy Academy Underqualified Education
Gwen Gordon Creative Director   The Future of Work is Play
Max Schleser Senior Lecturer / Filmmaker / MINA Screening Director & Co-Founder Swinburne University of Technology / MINA - Mobile Innovation Network Australasia Smartphone filmmaking: Past-Present-Future
Tim McDougall Founder Curo Using $20 sensors to Keep Seniors out of Hospital

Vince Baertsoen
Group CG Director The Mill The Future of Film is Realtime
Jonathan Price & Andy Sargent Co-Founders SouthSouthWest Building, learning and progress
Mike Butcher MBE Editor-at-Large Tech Crunch Fireside chat with Susan Wu - Journey from the ground up.
Dr Kate Cornick CEO LaunchVic Fuelling Victoria’s startup ecosystem
Michael Sui Design Lead, Airbnb Airbnb Inclusive Design's Hidden Legacy — And How To Rise With It
Marissa Rosenberg, Ph.D Ph.D AstroPhysicist NASA Training astronauts to ignore “reality” using virtual reality
Dr Amantha Imber Founder Inventium How to get meaningful things done.
Kath Blackham Co-Founder VERSA How Voice Experience will Change Your Life

Leah Callon-Butler
Engagement Director intimate Crypto for Grown Ups: How a new token is revolutionising the adult and sex tech industries

Tim Ruse
Co-Founder & CEO Zero Latency How to build a $12M Business
Dr Eban Escott Co-Founder Codebots How humans and bots can work together to get shit done
William Strange Founder/ CEO Sports Performance Tracking How non-tech people can run tech business
Alex Kingsbury Managing Director Additive Economics 3D Print Me
Craig Blair Founder & Managing Partner Airtree What’s the rubric for getting venture capital?

James Chin Moody
Founder and CEO Sendle Five things Sendle taught me about leadership
Stef and Jess Dadon Co-founders & CEOs Twoobs
Gretta van Riel Founder SkinnyMeTea, TheFifthWatches, DropBottle, HeyInfluencers Finding, testing, launching and building your online business.
Dave Martin Managing Director Power Ledger The ICO effect: How blockchain is disrupting the energy market

Jamie Skella
Executive Director, Head of Technology Horizon State Redesigning Democracy With Blockchain
Aaron Wallis Founder & Head of Product Lexer Evolving Data Culture
Jay Krishnan CEO T-Hub India's Startups & government propelling the next $1 trillion Economy
Sarah Owen Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing WGSN The Brands of Tomorrow
Melinda Epler Founder & CEO Change Catalyst How to be a good ally for diverse people in tech
Shruti Shah Entrepreneur in Residence Silicon Valley Bank The Making of a Silicon Valley Startup by the Numbers
Grant Petty CEO BlackMagic Design How the ideology of business destroys creativity.
Rita Arrigo Chief Digital Advisor Microsoft Humanising Innovation
Martin Burger Senior Industry Advisor Healthcare SAP Brain Games – How gaming technology could be used by emergency services to save lives.
Simon Griffiths CEO Who Gives a Crap 5 Lessons from Running a Purpose-led Business
Simon Stefanoff and Claire Adams Director and CX Director Deloitte Digital From GUI to VUI: creating effective voice experiences
Pete Saunders Co-Founder / CEO Health Delivered Scaling up from the bottom of the world
Wesley Rodricks Digital and UX Design Manager and Senior Brand Marketing Manager Thankyou Radical Transparency: Connecting consumers to impact
Troy McCann Founder MoonshotX Outer Space is Open for Business
Tom Lucas Digital Strategist Transpire DreamLab - Trying to Solve Cancer While You Sleep

Jessica Vovers
PhD Candidate The University of Melbourne How to be less sh*t about diversity
Jess Hatzis & Bree Johnston Co-Founders Frank Body When your side hustle becomes a global business
Sergio Brodsky Head of Strategy Initiative Urban Brand-Utility: the regenerative strategy accelerating the evolution of smart cities

David Spinks
Founder CMX Media Tactical frameworks for building community that drives real value
Leslie Miley Engineering Leader  


Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer, ACMI
Leila Allam, Specialist in Emerging UI Technologies
Leo Faber, Co-Founder BADFAITH
Jess Scully, City of Sydney Councillor and Curator
Claire Evans, Managing Director at Grumpy Sailor Pty Ltd
VR is so Passe
Izzy Roberts-Orr, Director, Emerging Writers' Festival
Ash Davies, CEO, Tablo
Astrid Edwards, Founding Director at Bad Producer Productions and Vice-Chair of Writers Victoria
Justine Hyde, Director Library Services and Experience, State Library Victoria The book is dead! Long live the book! Publishing disrupted.
Susan Brown - MD of Girls in Tech & Director at PwC
Shahirah Gardner - Co-Founder of Finch
Milly Schmidt - Product Designer at EstimateOne, Instructor at General Assembly
Jessica Box - Head of Marketing at IE Digital & Head of Events for Girls in Tech
Rhys Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder, IE Digital Is it ever OK to Lie in Business?
Liz Levy, Executive Creative Director, COMPLEX
Andrew Reeves, Communications Director, The Royals
Nicky Rowsell, Marketing Manager, Levi’s Australia & NZ
Andrew Montell - Founder and Managing Director Archetype Media, Founder of Acclaim Magazine The Death of the Agency, the rebirth of the Publisher
Madeleine Grummett, Co-founder, Girledworld
Sarah Moran, CEO, Girl Geek Academy
Daizy Mann, Program Manager, Deakin SPARK
Jeanette Cheah, Co-founder & CSO, The Hacker Exchange New School Rules - Innovation in Education
Lubi Thomas, Artist and Curator, davis thomas + QUT Futurelab
Kristefan Minsky, Artist and Senior Producer, ARS Electronica
Jonathan Parsons, Artistic Director, Experimenta
Tara Prowse, Producer The Future Festivals
Christie Whitehill – Tech Ready Program & Hatching Lab
Samantha Dybac – SMWY Group
Bonnie Borland – One Social
Chiquita Searle, PR & Events, Chiquita The Four Pillars of Tech Publicity
Pete Saunders, CEO & Co-founder at Health Delivered
Valeria Ingnatieva, Co-founder & Co-CEO, DCC Jobs
Danielle Bodinnar, CEO at Karista
Daryl Antony, Director at Common Code Building a tech startup with no technical founders
Kate Cornick, CEO, LaunchVic
Rachael Neumann, Board Member, StartupAus
Jonathon Farrer, Partner (Corporate and M&A), Corrs Chambers Westgarth
John Chambers, Founder, Tappl Navigating #StartupLand
Elicia McDonald, Investment Associate, AirTree Ventures
Lucy Lloyd, Co Founder and CEO, Mentorloop
Samantha Wong, Partner, Blackbird Ventures
Rohen Sood, Investment Manager, Reinventure Group
Nicola Hazell, Head of Diversity and Impact Programs, BlueChilli Raising Startup Capital in Australia
Jamie Houge, Managing Director PLOT Media
Casey Bosward, Content & Social, eBay
Miles O’Neil, Performing Artist, talent in Hump Shopping Network
Damien Miller, Client Services Director, VIRTUE Risky Business - Brands using Facebook Live to break the fourth wall
Lawrence Crumpton, Evangelist for HoloLens Asia.
Priscilla Harris, Head of Virtual Reality, HTC Vive
John Sietsma, Evangelist, Unity Technologies
Scott O'Brien, Co-Founder, Humense
Leah Bunny, Founder Virtual Soup & Real World VR VR / AR / MR Current, The ecosystem & Future
Ben Brophy, Co-founder, Upwire
Cameron Adams, Co-Founder, Canva
Jane Betschel, Head of Customer Marketing, MYOB
Felicity Thomlinson, Head of Group Strategy, Typsy
Nicola Hazell, Head of Diversity, BlueChilli The consumerisation of tech and how it's changing the world
Tim Fung, Founder of Airtasker
Tony Wu, Co-founder, Weploy
Bridget Loudon, founder Expert360
Jan Owen, CEO, Foundation of Young Australians
Dr Sarah Kaine, Associate Professor Research Director: Future of Work, Organising and Enterprises 9-5 is Dead: The Future of the Workplace
Sander van Amelsvoort, Director, Policy & Research, Committee for Melbourne
Jessica Christiansen-Franks, Co-Founder & CEO, Neighbourlytics, Senior Program Advisor, CoDesign Studio
Margie McKay, Manager, City Design Studio, City of Melbourne
Kumar Parakala, Global Leader, Digital Strategy, GHD Advisory
Claire Dixon, Innovation Services Manager, GHD and Founder, Smart Seeds Places of the future - digital disruption and urban infrastructure
Michelle Goldsmith - Global Head of Business Development, Global Kinetics Corporation
Grace Lethlean - Director of Programs at ANDHealth
David Bakker - Founding Director, MoodMission & psychologist
Dr Sally Cockburn - GP, broadcaster & media commentator
Michelle Gallaher, Co Founder and Creative Director of The Social Science Take two apps and tweet me in the morning
Elliot Costello, CEO and Founder YGap
Nick Pearce, CEO HoMie
Jeanette Large, CEO, Womens Property Initiatives
Simon Griffiths, Founder, Who Gives a Crap?
Sam Hodgson, Founder, Fruit Punch Social Enterprise is the new StartUp
Mindy Leow, Community Building, B Lab Australia and New Zealand
Wesley Rodricks, Digital & UX Design Manager, Thankyou
Simon Griffiths, Co-Founder & CEO, Who Gives A Crap
Jane Martino, COO, Unlockd / Co-Founder, Smiling Mind
Giuseppe Demaio, Director, Local Peoples New ways of thinking for impact measurement
David Swan, Journalist, AFR
Will Dayble, Founder, Fitzroy Academy
Finbar Ohanlon, Purveyor of Different, Human performance catalyst, Frequancy Meditation
Fiona Patten, Leader, Reason Party
Rahul Soans, Co-Founder, Balancing Act3 Smart drugs fuck yeah!
Jamie Skella, Executive Director, Head of Technology, Horizon State
Leah Callon-Butler, Co-Founder & CEO, Red Grid
Gordon Rennie, Innovation Director, ANZ
Shruti Shah, Entrepreneur in Residence, Silicon Valley Bank
Rahul Soans, Co-Founder, Balancing Act3 Bitcoin is a fraud.
Cameron Adams, Co-Founder, Canva
Andrew Ranger, Founder, Skymorials
Rita Arrigo, CDO, Microsoft
Constantine Frantzeskos, Founder & CEO, Penso
Rahul Soans, Co-Founder, Balancing Act3 A.I. Relationships will be good for humanity.
The Vault Sessions
MICHAEL SLONIM, Managing Director Vice Australia New Zealand
EMMA WELSH, Co Founder Emma and Toms
REECE HOBBINS, Creative Director The Taboo Group
Bonnie Borland, Director Social &, Fashion Influencer
Andrew Mackinnon, MD & Founder, Taboo Authentic: What's real anymore?
Kim Anderson, Head of NAB Labs, NAB
Rick Wingfield, Partner - Australia Post Accelerator, AusPost
Narelle Charity, General Manager Technology and Innovation, New Energy, AGL Energy
Janett Egber, CEO, AAT Australia
John Chambers, Founder, Tappl What's wrong with corporate innovation?
Nic Hodges, Founder Blonde3, Previously Head Of Innovation Foxtel & News Corp.
Michael Short, Chief Editorial Writer, Columnist, The Age
Sophie Black, Editor, Journalist, The Wheeler Centre and ABC TV's Screen Time
Tommy McCubbin, Host, Future Sandwich Podcast The Future Of News



Jessamy Gee
Graphic Recorder & Visual Consultant Think in Colour Listening & Visual Note-taking for Humans

Michael Fearne
Founder Pivotal Play
LEGO Serious Play
Michelle Rosevear, Ryan Mischkulnig Specialist Problem Solver & Design Engineer Bayly Group Workshop Your Product Design Journey
Finbar O'Hanlon Purveyor of Different, Human performance catalyst Frequency Meditation Empowering human performance through the power of sound
Nithya Nagarajan Client Engagement Manager NIDA & The School of Life
Networking for Introverts
Tom Uhlhorn Director Tiny Growth Hacking Workshop: An Introduction to Agile Marketing

Steve Brendish
Stuart Hudson
Founders 2 Dam Creative & Edge Labs
How to Win a Hackathon
Peter Engelhardt Founder Creative Brew The art of transforming a business into a brand
James McPhail Trade Mark Examiner IP Australia Protect your brand: your businesses most valuable asset

Mike Ebinum
CTO Sheda Solving Your Own Damn Problems: How To MacGyver tech solutions to solve real problems
Screening & Performance
Name Position Artist Title
Pause Various Artists Pause Various Artists Pause Various Artists Pause 2018 Motion Response Screenings
Andrew Sorensen Digital Artist Moso LIVE Performance
Patrick Defasten Motion Design Defasten Ghostcode Screening
Group Workshop      
Name Position Company Topic
Dara Simkin Play Consultant & Mindset Coach Project Play YEAH, but
Dara Simkin Play Consultant & Mindset Coach Project Play Let That Sh*t Go
Dara Simkin Play Consultant & Mindset Coach Project Play F*ck Up Mornings

The Early Morning Show

Noah Robinschon, Executive Editor, Fast Company
Kayla Heffernan, UX Designer, Seek
Amir Ansari, Head of UX, Transpire
Marissa Rosenberg, Ph.D Astrophysicist, NASA
Mykel Dixon & Pause Band The Morning Show with Mykel Dixon
Yuma Soerianto, iOS Developer, Made by Yuma
Kelsey Whelan, Product Manager, Netflix
Lesley Miley, Engineering Leader
Mykel Dixon & Pause Band The Morning Show with Mykel Dixon
Hugh Forrest, CPO, SXSW
Cecilia Ambros, Head of Design Research, Amazon
Sarah Owen, Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing, WGSN
Shruti Shah, Entrepreneur in Residence, Silicon Valley Bank
Mykel Dixon & Pause Band The Morning Show with Mykel Dixon