A Pause 2017 Success Story

Full of Content is a bold new agency model that aims to disrupt the paradigm of traditional agencies and caters to startups by offering a simple way to access essential creative services. The conceptual business is now launched and gaining traction, thanks in no small part to the inspiration they found at Pause 2017.


But back in February, the business was still in its early days. The concept needed fleshing out and validation from both a market and business model perspective. The product was coming along nicely but the target market and next steps were unclear.


Instead of bunkering down at HQ, the Full of Content team literally paused. They hit Pause 2017 to get inspired. They put down their tools and took the time to engage with, and learn from, other startups. And it worked. 


“We sent several of our team to Pause and everyone came back with different insights, different ideas, and brand new directions to take the product. The crowd and the atmosphere were perfect to get the creative juices flowing,” says Full of Content co-founder, Nick Parker.  


Co-founder Francis Nicholls-Wunder adds “We met some truly inspiring people, and the overwhelming theme of our conversations was around the need for startups and SMEs to be flexible, agile, and able to quickly respond to changes in the market. This is a challenge for startups, who usually have limited resources. We wanted to address that.”



Nick adds “We also wanted to focus on bringing transparency to creativity, and not doing business like the bigger agencies with expensive, unclear retainer systems. To address this, our product lets clients easily shuffle their team’s hours and pivot from month to month.”


What the team found at Pause 2017 was their audience. Tech startups and SMEs who needed transparent, effective, and affordable creative services, with no lock-in contracts and a low buy-in. An agile, plugin creative team with none of the traditional agency bloat. The conversations they had, pain points they noted, and connections they made were the final push needed to bring Full of Content to life.


“It’s amazing how helpful taking a break is,” Nick says, “In this case, we found that strategically stopping for a while allowed us to be on the outside looking in. This gave us some time and perspective to really absorb the problem we were trying to solve. Being able to have conversations out in the open, with our target audience, was really insightful as we’re usually quite insular. It helped us validate ideas and understand the direction we needed to head in.”


In late April, just weeks after Pause, the project coalesced and launched successfully. Thanks to Pause learnings, Full of Content is more lean startup than it is creative agency.


Francis says “One of the things we kept hearing from startups, especially at Pause Fest, was that big creative agencies make it too hard to pivot. In the early days of a startup, flexibility is so essential. Full of Content is built around teams and relationships, filling that need we identified during Pause.”