World’s leading creativity infused business event.

A catalyst for change, a uniter of all industries, and a platform for the future.

We’ve been described as “Australasia’s SXSW” and as “Woodstock for digital natives” (shucks!). Over the course of nine exceptional years, our humble event has grown to welcome some 15,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers.

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For our ninth incarnation, we’ve shaken things up a bit. We’ve changed our ticketing structure to try and maximise the opportunities for you, our valued Pause attendees, to network. By doing this, you’ll have more time to rub shoulders with the kind of industry-shattering leaders that could totally change your career trajectory.

We may have built Pause from the ground up, but at Pause 2019, you’ll be able to access the best of the best from the top down – you get access today to the people who will transform you tomorrow. Whoever you are and whatever you do – senior, junior, intern, janitor – the potential for professional growth at Pause 2019 is utterly unprecedented.


Nine years ago, Australia’s digital ecosystem was chock full of talent but completely disparate. People worked in isolation, without community or purpose. We needed unity.


Pause Fest founder George Hedon – an accomplished designer with an entrepreneurial streak – saw an opportunity to bring together this inspired new breed of thinkers, makers and doers for an annual, creativity-infused event.

George wanted to inject global innovation and excitement into Australia’s local tech culture. The goal was to create a new home for collaboration, ideas, relationships and, most importantly, for the future to take shape.

Today, Pause draws global luminaries from a huge range of industries and is the leading conference and festival of its kind in the world.


Pause Fest is built on diversity and inclusion. It’s been in our DNA since day dot, and our goal is 50/50 speaker gender diversity for 2019. For us, D&I isn’t optional. It’s essential.

What’s new at Pause Fest 2019?

30+ international speakers. Twice as many as previous years.

New ticketing system for Creators, Explorers and Leaders. Full Festival only.

Seamless and optimised schedule of speakers, panels and workshops.

Exclusive weekend retreat for the ultimate Pause download.

Pause Creator Awards to reward the achievers.

Pause Incubator for Creators, early-stage Startups, Graduates and Entrepreneurs


Pause is home to an audience of early adopters.

That audience has been instrumental in giving some of Australia’s most successful start-ups the launchpad they needed to thrive.

In 2017, Dropbox released Paper, RMIT launched Activator and AKQA announced they’d acquired DT Agency. Adriana Gascoigne’s 2016 appearance at Pause inspired the launch of Girls in Tech in Melbourne and in 2014, Zero Latency debuted the free-roam multiplayer virtual reality game. In 2018, IBM partnered with Pause to drive their business.

To put it plainly, Pause is where ideas come to be realised.


Remember when you rented videos, developed photographs and hailed taxis? So do we. If you’re at Pause, you’ll get the jump on what’s next. You won’t be left behind, because we already have one eye on the future.

Let’s not forget:

Sony missed the MP3
Coke and Pepsi missed energy drinks
Apple consumed Kodak
Borders missed eBooks
Banks missed digital currency
Netflix devoured Blockbuster
Uber ate the taxi industry
Dick Smith wasn't ready for Kogan
Hotels weren’t ready for Airbnb



The Pause Fest Programming Matrix ® is curated from three key areas. We believe all three of these areas are vital for any business or startup. They are:

  • Creative make ideas happen
  • Tech - build successful product
  • Business scale global, gain insights

We focus on practical skills instead of inspirational moon shots. We’re all for big ideas, but they need to work in the real world. When deciding on which speakers will feature at Pause, we look for ideas you can’t Google ® with the following focus:

  • 70% - Actionable Insights
  • 20% - Future Trends (2-5 years)
  • 10% - Beyond our Generation (10-20 years)


  • 7 stages
  • 30+ international speakers
  • 200 local speakers
  • 24 workshops
  • 18 panels
  • 30 startups
  • 21 tracks of content


Global Stage
Topics: Global, All Topics

Local Heroes
Topics: Local, All Topics

Topics: Leadership, Talent, Culture

Tech Stage
Topics: Startup, Digital, Technology

Growth Stage
Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Business

Workshop Stage
Topics: Business, Startup, Technology