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The Legacy of Pause Fest
A Catalyst of Innovation and Creativity

For over a decade, Pause Fest has stood as a vanguard of innovation, creativity, and business acumen, spearheading Australia's journey into the future. As a pioneer in the intersection of the creative, tech, and business industries, Pause Fest has been more than just a festival; it has been a transformative force in Melbourne and beyond.

A Decade of Influential Impact

Contributing a staggering $170 million to the local economy, Pause Fest has been a powerhouse event, attracting over 80,000 attendees, including visionaries and leaders from companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Tesla. Known as the 'Innovation Capital', 'Woodstock for digital natives' and 'Octoberfest for business' Pause Fest has been a global stage for over 1,200 thought leaders, sharing insights and forging the future.

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Launchpad for Game-Changing Innovations

Pause Fest has been the birthplace of groundbreaking initiatives and products, from Dropbox Paper to the Tesla Model S. It’s where ideas turned into reality, and new technologies found a global audience.

Driving Diversity and Inclusion Forward

We've championed a 50/50 diversity goal in our speakers and attendees, creating an inclusive environment that reflects the world we live in and the future we're building together.

A Continuous Source of Inspiration and Connection

Our legacy includes significant connections like the establishment of Girls in Tech Australia and the launch of the Australia House at SXSW in the US. These initiatives continue to foster international collaboration and innovation.

The Future of Pause Fest: A Discussion Open for Revival

While Pause Fest has left an indelible mark on the innovation landscape, the conversation about its future remains open. We invite visionaries, leaders, and companies passionate about reigniting this beacon of innovation to come forward.

If you believe in the power of Pause Fest and want to see its return or introduce it to your company or community, we want to hear from you.

Join Us in Shaping the Next Chapter

Pause Fest has been a flagship of Australia's tech and innovation story. Now, we stand at a crossroads, ready to explore new possibilities. Whether it's reviving the festival or adapting its spirit to new formats and communities, your ideas and enthusiasm can help shape what comes next.

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