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Ineke Dane

Curator, UAP (Urban Art Projects)
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Ingrid Josephine

Event Producer, StartSpace by SLV
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Jackie Vullinghs

Principal, AirTree Ventures
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Jay Wong

Staff UX Lead and Manager, Google Pay
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JF Gauthier

Founder & CEO, Startup Genome
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Jules Brooke

Founder & Host, She's The Boss
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Julie Trell

SheEO Australia Country Lead, SheEO
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Karen Cheng

UX Design Lead, Mechanical Rock
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Kate Arthur

Founder & CEO, Kids Code Jeunesse
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Kate Cornick

CEO, LaunchVic
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Kate Glazebrook

Founder and Chair, Applied
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Katherine Boiciuc

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Kaylene Langford

Founder, Startup Creative
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Lee Hatton

Executive Vice President, Afterpay
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Louka Parry

Founder & CEO, The Learning Future
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Mark Cripsey

Chief Product & Data Officer, Carsales
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Martine Sholl

Head of Experience, Neu21
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Matt Baxby

Country CEO, Australia, Revolut
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Matt Kuperholz

Chief Data Scientist, PwC
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Matt Plant

Strategist and Researcher, Thinkerbell
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Matt Vitale

Co-Founder, Birchal
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Melissa Pepers

Business Designer, Strategist & Futurist
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Merel van Helsdingen

Founder & Managing Director, NxT Museum
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Myleeta Aga Williams

Director, Content - SEA and Australia, Netflix
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Nikki Brown

Partner, Ignition Lane
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Noga Edelstein

Co-Founder, UrbanYou
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Oscar Trimboli

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Piero Pelizzaro

Urban Resilience and Climate Adaptation Specialist, Comune di Milano
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Professor Chris Fleming

Economics, Co-founder, Future Normal
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Professor Nick Barter

Strategy and Sustainability, Co-founder, Future Normal