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Alain Sylvain

Founder & CEO, SYLVAIN
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Alan Crabbe

Co-Founder, Birchal
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Alex Wadelton

Co-author, The Right-brain Workout
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Anne Miles

Founder, Suits & Sneakers
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Aqeel Camal

Founder, Futures Collective
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Ariel Garten

Founder & Chief Evangelism Officer, MUSE
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Ben Hanna

General Manager ANZ, Soul Machines
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Bia Affonso

Head of Growth, Neu21
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Bradley G Munkowitz

Designer and Director, GMUNK Incorporated
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Bradon Webb

Creative Director, Emerging Technology, The Mill
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Brett Armstrong

GM, Global Business Solutions, TikTok ANZ
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Brian Carlson

Head of Sales, eCreators & Open LMS
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Broni Lisle

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Bruce Muirhead

CEO & Founder, Mindhive
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Cathy Ngo

Founder & CEO, Keynoteworthy Pty Ltd
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Charles Johnson

Agent of Innovation, Driven By Charles
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Cheryl Mack

Head of Community & Communications, Stone & Chalk
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Chris Andrew

General Manager, Black Duck Foods
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Chris Dodds

Co-Founder, Icon Agency
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Christopher Gerty

Exploration Spacesuit Informatics Lead, NASA
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Damian Bradfield

Chief Creative Officer, WeTransfer
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Daniel Teitelbaum

Play Facilitator and Consultant, Playful Thinking
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Danielle Krettek Cobb

Founder, Google's Empathy Lab
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Dean Saunders

VP of Product Development, eCreators & Open LMS
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Dino Kuckovic

Director of Community & Events, Falcon.io
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Dirk Ahlborn

Founder, HyperloopTT
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Dominic Price

Work Futurist, Atlassian
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Dorie Clark

Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Dorie Clark
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Dr Kate Barrelle

Chief Impact Officer, STREAT
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Dr. Ken Cato AO

Chairman, Cato Brand Partners