Pause’s signature initiative sees studios and individuals from around the world deliver a series of cutting-edge animations based on the festival’s annual theme.

Unmutated by Renato Marques

What happens when synthesised matter of “Pure” comes in contact with the real world transforming...


Erupt by Jumbla

The journey of a liquid substance passing through the body, contaminating all in its path, and of...


Pure by hiorganic

Mixing imagination and digital matter together to produce a pure...


Save the Pure by GRAMM

The Arctic is one of the purest places on Earth, and one that is in danger from climate change,...


Pure by Studio Soup

The human race has never experienced or known a state of purity. It has never been free from...


Imagine by Visual Playground

We take this earth for granted in many ways. Mass production for mass consumption is leading to...

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I think Pause is great because it’s sparking those conversations, it’s putting people in a context that they wouldn’t normally be in. – Taryn Williams, Wink Models