Pause’s signature initiative sees studios and individuals from around the world deliver a series of cutting-edge animations based on the festival’s annual theme.

Transcendence by Territory

“In 2020, man’s technological capabilities reached the average potential processing power of the...


Discover by Brett Morris

We're often faced with so many decisions, decisions that can have little effect or be so...


Vision by Cyrill Durigon

Discovering your future self, is like meeting your future you. So, what if you future you could...


Back in 5 by Mass

Enter the surreal world of one man’s journey as he is gifted an opportunity to escape the mundane...


Tiny Man by Dirty Puppet

After eating a tasty hotdog, triangle man discovers a tiny version of himself lodged in his teeth....


Private Atlas by Naoko Hara

“What is not seen must be considered as valid as what is seen, whether it is gravity or the...

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I think Pause is great because it’s sparking those conversations, it’s putting people in a context that they wouldn’t normally be in. – Taryn Williams, Wink Models