Day 4

Sunday February 16

The final day. Make sure you get involved!

Global Village
Global Village // Conference

10am - 9pm // Ticketed // Fed Square

PauseStage talks are here to inspire, engage and blow everyone’s mind. They’re very personal, forward thinking and about the big picture. #Startup, #Creative, #Gaming, #Music & #Web.more information
Future Motion
Future Motion // 2012 Archive

3 - 4pm // FREE // Loop Bar

Step into the future and see what motion looks like! Enjoy an afternoon at Loop Bar in the city watching a few motion graphic highlights from the 2012 Pause Fest.more information
Connected Motion
Connected Motion

3.30 - 4.30pm // TICKETED // ACMI Cinema 1

Curated and hosted by Pause’s Caspian Kai Pantea creative at the striking Cinema One at ACMI, enjoy an innovative 60 minute screening of Connected Motion. This will be an amazing mish mash of content comprised of incredible motion graphics, animation and short film.more information
Future Shorts
Future Shorts // 2012 Archive

6 - 7pm // FREE // Loop Bar

Did you love Pause Fest 2012? Or do you ever wonder what the future will look like? Join Pause at Loop Bar for a viewing of a few 2012 short film highlights that explore all things futuristic!more information
carrspace by Project:Roam

Connected Interactive Installations
8.30pm-11.30pm // 13-21 Feb // PUBLIC

Experience the amazing interactive installations of the winners and other participants in this exciting open exhibition kindly funded by the team at Fed Square.more information


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  2. Renee Dudfield, Fed Square
  3. Geroge Hedon, Pause Fest

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