Pause is Australia's premier creative, tech and business event.

A catalyst for innovation, a uniter of all industries, and a platform for the future, Pause brings the world’s foremost thought leaders from companies like Hyperloop, Girls in Tech, This American Life, Pixar, Lucasfilm, The Mill, Frog, HAX Accelerator and NASA together with local heroes, for one unforgettably action-packed event.

Find your people at Pause

You can't put the region’s best creative digital minds in the same room together and not expect something extraordinary – Ben Keenan, Creative Director

Six years ago, Australia’s disparate digital ecosystem needed unity. Pause Festival founder George Hedon saw an opportunity to bring together the restless new breed of thinkers, makers and doers. An accomplished designer and DJ, with an eye for the entrepreneurial, George wanted to inject a dose of international innovation into local tech culture.

Creating a space for free thinkers to converge, engage and find shared purpose, Pause is an environment which cultivates true collaboration. And it’s this ethos of empowerment that has seen Pause’s influence extend beyond its Melburnian roots to become the leading conference and festival of its kind for the entire Asia Pacific region.

Pause is where you can find your tribe of like-minded people. People who want to challenge the everyday and build better futures. People who don’t want to accept the status quo. – Fiona Slocum, Experience Designer

Hosted in the design and tech capital of Australia, the festival’s growth has been exponential, attracting record numbers of local and international visitors each year.

The rise and rise of Pause’s popularity is anchored in its thirst for constant reinvention. Every year the festival has explored new ground, engaging with different perspectives to reflect on and evolve tech culture simultaneously.

Why Pause?

  • Blockbuster wasn't ready for Netflix
  • The taxi industry wasn't ready for Uber
  • Dick Smith Electronics wasn't ready for Kogan
  • Hotels weren’t ready for Airbnb

It’s 'content you can’t Google' with all the ‘oh wow’ moments and the high calibre of attendees connecting that make Pause unmissable.

Change the game, adjust your mindset, become the next Elon Musk – become whatever you want – because we’ve got the panel, workshop, experience or opportunity to make it happen for you. Pause provides a habitat for learning – for creative collisions. A space inspiring tech culture and the people who make it tick.

For new ideas, Pause is the alchemist, the incubator and the broadcaster, all at once.

It’s where you’ll see world firsts like Zero Latency, the free-roam, multiplayer, virtual reality game that debuted at Pause in 2014, or Adriana Gascoigne’s 2016 appearance, which inspired the launch of Girls in Tech Melbourne. Other happenings to hit the headlines include launches for For The People, BSchool, Canva and Tractor.

Pause means a moment in time when we get together to think about the big picture. Be there to catch history in the making. And don’t forget:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller

Be surprised. Be challenged. Be at the centre of the change. Be at Pause.

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I think Pause is great because it’s sparking those conversations, it’s putting people in a context that they wouldn’t normally be in. – Taryn Williams, Wink Models